October 12, 2011


Because the only way to have a Black Love Hangover is to attend The Reception. #Spelhouse #Homecoming

It’s fall. The short set is long gone. Time to try on something a little warmer. It’s almost time for the Fall Flannel Flicks, but first you’ve got to attend The Reception.


YOUR RECEPTION…for the Black Love YOU made!


August 31, 2011

E.A. Harper:

Beyoncé’s Conversation with Her Adolescent Daughter

…Imagine Mama Bey sitting down with Jaymajesty for a talk about what it means to be an empowered woman by quoting her lyrics from Run the World. The conversation might go something like this:

Jaymajesty, sit down baby. We need to talk. Who run the world? Girls. We run this motha. Yes we do. Some of them men, including your daddy, think they freak this like we do, but no they don’t. Make your cheques come at they neck, disrespect us no they won’t. I want to make sure you are in the club rocking the latest. You will buy it for yourself, and get more money later. I think I need a barber, because none of these hoes can fade me. Your mama is so good with this, I remind you I’m so hood with this.

Mama Bey continues (as Jaymajesty looks at her with a blank stare):

… (full)

(Source: mwynnn)

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